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About project, history

WHDBX (Wormhole Database Extended) - database of wormholes, wormhole systems, sleepers and all types of anomalies and signatures inside. Development was started in year 2015, and it was based on evedb.no-ip.org (someone might remember it), authored by CEO of my former corporation - AkselMJ. Initial database of WH-systems, holes and signatures was taken from it. Over the time, with game updates, the database was extended and populated more and more, but history remembers the source.

The idea for a new project was thight integration with ingame-browser (yeah, there was in-game web browser in a client), so website could be used very effectively directly from the game with minimum efforts. IGB had integrated javascript API (CCPEVE object), which allowed (given permissions) automatically detect current solar system, pilot name, current ship and corporation. If you had this website as default home page set, you could just click browser panel icon once and get all information about the current WH system - class, statics, effect, links to signatures, latest kills - all this with one single mouse click. All links to ingame items, ships, corporations, characters were opened directly in client in standard information window. Because in-game browser was not very fast, the whole UI design of website was made very light and easy for rendering - minimum effects, minimum animations, minimum mouse clicks.

Then horrible, irreparable happened - in 2016 year in ine of the updates CCP decided to remove ingame browser, blaming complicated maintenance, multiplying all my efforts by zero. Part of that functionality appeared in a new API - Crest, but not all and not completely. Detecting location "lagged" by few minutes, we could not open any information windows in client, etc. Thus, website remained in working state from a usual desktop browser, but with half of functionality missing. During that time I made a break playing EVE, left from WH space, and project was left in discontinued state...

And some time in summer 2017, I tried to "revive" former glory, renew data to keep up with latest updates in WH world. CCP released a new EVE API - EVE Swaager Interface. It provides a way for tighter integration, location detection not lagging, ways to open windows in client.

In the case I quit EVE some time, all this work should not be left forgotten. So, all the source code was opened to public and shared on GitHub - github.com/minlexx/whdbx_web. Pull requests welcome, as they say. ISK donations welcomed to character Lexx Min :)

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